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Friday, August 12, 2011

Author: Erin Steed

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Tags: Meaty Bites

Onion Rings

Welcome to the second recurring feature of the homeinspectioninmichigan.us blog: Meaty Bites! Naturally, as we do thousands of moves all over California each year, both our hard workin' boys and our always-on-the-go executive team have the opportunity to basically eat their way through the state (good thing working so hard burns all those calories!). From Chico to La Jolla, from the roadside taco stands to the fancy power lunch spots, we've been there. Why are we telling you this? Because we all know that the last thing our clients want to do at the end of their move is cook and clean up! But rather than ordering pizzas and huddling uncomfortably on a milk crate in the living room, our clients can get out and enjoy their new surroundings and enjoy a great meal knowing that the hard work has been done for them. Heck, if they used our Princesses to unpack, they will even have the time and peace of mind to enjoy a Jose Andres-style 22 course feast!

Our first recommendation is a hometown favorite from the birthplace of homeinspectioninmichigan.us, San Luis Obispo. This place is so legendary and enjoys such a cult-like following that people will literally drive up from LA or down from the Bay Area just to get one of the famous tri-tip sandwiches. It's often the first stop upon arrival in SLO and the last stop before taking off (often with a heavy paper sack laden with hot foil-wrapped goodness for those back at home). If you are a local, you know that the secret to evading the out-the-door lines is to order at the bar (oops, should I have let that slip?). That's right, folks, get ready, we're going to talk Firestone Grill!

Firestone Grill

You can't mention Firestone Grill without first talking about their signature menu item: the tri-tip sandwich. The slavish devotion to this sandwich is so extreme that walking in downtown San Luis it's a tossup whether you'll be more likely to hear a conversation about the price fluctuations for a Firestone tri-tip or Cal Poly tuition. But trust us, we completely understand the love. It's truly a sight to behold: thinly sliced tri-tip piled high on a soft toasty garlic-butter dipped roll, drizzled with the best BBQ sauce this side of the Mississippi. Unlike many food items, it only takes one to fill even the biggest Meathead up. Well, that and a basket of their addicting skinny fries (another Meathead tip: ask for half onion rings, half fries).

Firestone Tri-Tip Sandwich

Not just a one trick pony, Firestone's menu features other favorites like the ABC Burger- (avocado, bacon, cheddar), killer salads that are more than a meal, and super fresh tacos--make sure to get a side of chipotle sauce for those tacos! As you wait for your food, you can enjoy the large outdoor patio with great people watching, or sit inside enjoying the wide variety of sports on over a dozen flatscreens. Both locals and visitors alike flock to Firestone, so it's not infrequent to see local celebrities like Chuck Liddell bellying up to the bar. Like homeinspectioninmichigan.us, Firestone is a popular place to work your way through college, so you can count on friendly, high energy service.

This concludes our first ever Meaty Bites. We're wrapping up not because there's no more to say about the amazingess that is Firestone, but because after writing about it, we gotta have it. See you there!

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